Digital Boards

Agencies and Media Buyers

We've opened the gateway to all businesses to grow their brand through our expanding digital boards with incredible efficiencies that benefit the agency and their clients.

Whether you're buying local media within each community, regional or national, we are building a national audience to satisfy a reach once thought impossible. -at very low pricing!

It's Here to Stay!

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Digital Board ads are “intangible benefits” such as public-facing communications, creating brand acceptability, visitor’s acceptance all while building brand loyalty and positive word of mouth recommendations.

The value opportunity of Digital Board ads is powerful campaigns, concise advertising of high-quality visual messages that communicate and advance consumer awareness. Effortlessly attract consumers to products and services leveraging your campaign relevant to the community which is valuable to you and your audience.

Relevant ad messaging to your audience is embraced when advertising specials, discounts of admission fees, beverages, dining, retail stores, and automotive, insurance and annual events. Community businesses “Advertisers” promote exclusive sales, bookstore discounts, food, retail and many other valuable services to consumers as a means of engagement.

The community of consumers defines the image of the ad value. Your Digital Board advertisements are recognized and seen by everyone.

The combination of digital and advertiser demand, Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH), is made possible and available to all businesses within communities across the U.S.A.

Digital Media National, Inc. contracts with all companies, advertising agencies, and media buyers targeting brand growth with insight into cost-efficacy and digital board ad reach effectiveness. Advertise in your community or anywhere in the U.S. where Digital Media National has digital boards.

Whether a restaurant, real-estate agent, urgent care clinic, automobile dealership or family-owned grocery store, you decide how much or little your media spending will be.