Sales Representatives

DMN Sales Representative

Manage Digital Board Ad Campaigns

Let us manage all your campaigns across digital boards, Flight Periods, and media spending.

Manage Ad Campaigns

Your digital boards are easily managed remotely from any Internet-connected computer. Create ad campaigns that start and end when you want.

Update Ad Campaigns

Managing campaign changes by adding or removing locations, selecting Panel options, updating flight periods, and reviewing reports are made easy.

Manage Ad Media Spend - small and large

DMN Sales Representatives will help clients with ad campaign planning and spending.


Our support is available 24/7 via CHAT and by phone at
(205) 746-6493 or email

We’re here to assist with your questions:

  • Ad creative,
  • Advertisers finding a DMN Rep,
  • Businesses interested in becoming a DMN Host and
  • Resellers are interested in becoming a DMN Sales Rep.

Digital Boards On Budget

A DMN Sales Rep will assuredly place your Ad schedule the way you want across one or multiple screens in the Panels selected from 5 to 10-second lengths (fair rotation). The cost is established per screen location and all media spending targeting location Hosts is entirely at the discretion of the advertiser.

Calculating Spending on Digital Boards is made easy whether an advertiser wants to spend as little as $1.67 or as high as $9.17 daily.

How DMN Reps Work For Advertisers

An Open Account
A DMN Sales Rep will Open an Account and authenticate each advertiser as a Brand Advertiser, Media Buyer or Ad Agency.

B Select Digital Board Locations

A DMN Rep will show Host locations for the advertiser to Select Digital Board locations (AKA: Hosts having Screen Displays) where availability is listed on any given Digital Board.

C Choose Flight Period and Media Spend

A DMN Rep will help the advertiser to choose a Flight Period and Digital Board Panels (zones) to reach a monthly media spend, also calculated by Host availability.

D Import/Upload Ad Art Image or *Video (Creative)

Import creative (ad art) or use DMN’s Design Service for $75 per Panel ad creation. *Note: video is 5 to 10 seconds in length and displayed in Panel-A and/or Full-Screen Panel only.

E Launch Brand Campaign

A DMN Rep will manage the ad campaign throughout the flight period, which will display on the Digital Boards as selected by the advertiser. DMN’s Digital Boards provide availability during the scheduling process, ensuring that ads show as scheduled and during the flight period chosen.